Chocolate-Cherry Jelly Bean Cookies

Chocolate-Cherry Jelly Bean Cookies

It’s that time of year where the stores are filled with Easter candy.  My mom would always put together trails of eggs and small candies to lead me to the treasure trove Easter basket, overflowing with chocolate bunnies, Cadbury cream eggs, and Reese’s eggs amidst a nest of green paper grass.

This year, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of repurposing Easter candy.  Sure, it’s delicious on its own, but how could I make it better?  Or at the least, use up any leftover candy.  I then had the idea of putting jelly beans inside of a cookie.  I have never seen anything like that before, which either means it’s a novel idea or just a very bad idea.

I took a family chocolate chip cookie recipe (sorry, no sharing the recipe as it’s a secret, even from some other family members) and added in some cherry Jelly Belly jelly beans.  The jelly beans melted a bit in the oven, creating red pools of chewiness inside the crunchy-chewy cookies.  Not everyone cares for the texture, but I find them very interesting.

I chose this combination of flavors to be very palatable.  I figured that the cookies would be odd enough with the jelly beans that I did not want to use one of the oddly flavored beans.  Margarita, for instance, would probably not have been a wise choice.  Now that the idea is out there, though, it would be interesting to try combining chocolate with the buttered popcorn beans or maybe even licorice since the black beans are often the ones left over after the holiday is through.  Either way, I’m hoping folks find these cookies interesting enough to at least give them a taste.


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