Chocolate Chess Pies

In honor of Pi Day (3/14), I made the classically Southern chess pie, with a couple twists.

Chocolate Chess Pie with Ginger


Chess pie was reportedly imported from England and has been served in the U.S. for around 200 years.  The origin of the name is debated, but many speculate that “chess” comes from the word “cheese,” which often referred to fillings such as lemon curd.  The pie’s historic roots are also s apparent in the ingredients:  eggs, sugar, cornmeal, salt, and cream.  I can imagine a replica kitchen at a Colonial historical site where they would mix these base ingredients into a rudimentary pie filling.

The recipe I used comes from Saveur Magazine and adds chocolate and ginger to update this American staple.  I also miniaturized the pies using pre-made pie dough and a circular cookie cutter.  The resultant pies are sweet with a custard-like filling.  And adding chocolate always makes things better.


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